It is an overwhelming process to apply for jobs online nowadays. And if it is your dream job then you have to make sure your resume represents you appropriately. That is where the resume builders kick in to help you with this nerve-wracking process. Using those online tools, you can build your resume in minutes for your job search.

As for your first impression, a good resume maker enables you to build professional looking resume or cv so that you stand out in the crowd of applicants. It will help you draw your employer’s attention pretty fast.

So In this article we brought some free resume builders and cv maker tools for you to start building a professional resume or cv today. Follow the instructions and walk-through of each tool and pick the one that fits you the best.

Cultivated Culture

Cultivated Culture- one of the best free resume builders to win a job.
Cultivated Culture

First on our list of free resume builders is Cultivated Culture. It is a completely free resume builder with no subscription or hidden fees. Besides, it helps you make a top notch resume just in few clicks. It not only includes ATS friendly templates but also full design customization and expert support throughout the building process to help you create your perfect resume.

The important features of this resume builder tool includes,

  • 8 ATS-friendly, recruiter-approved and stylish templates for making job-winning resumes.
  • 100% free of charge so create and download as many resumes as you wish.
  • Full customization options to choose the colors, fonts, sections etc so it suits your taste.
  • Expert advice and tips at every step making sure your resume gets seen fast.
  • Download your resume as PDF, Google Docs or Word document.
  • Scan your resume with all major ATS systems. It is designed to make you stand out.
  • Free Resume bullet analysis and keyword optimizer, so get data-driven insights of your resume.

Canva Resume Builder

Canva Resume Builder- a fully customizable resume builder.
Canva Resume Builder

Next we have a feature heavy and hefty resume builder, Canva.

Even though Canva is not a dedicated resume maker unlike others, it is a highly customizable resume/cv builder that will help you build any kind of resume. Not only can you build a resume from scratch, but can also select from tons of highly customizable templates/themes to begin.

This alone makes people consider Canva one of the best resume builders out there.

Some of the key features of Canva resume builder are:

  • It is free! Even though you can pay for a premium subscription but all the resume related stuffs are completely free of cost.
  • Huge number of templates. A plethora of custom themes and templates which you can never finish counting.
  • Hefty Customization. With its in-built editor you can change background, resize, add custom photos, use lots of element designs, add texts and many more.
  • Share with anyone. You can share your custom built resume in popular social media platforms, through emails, google drive etc.
  • Unlimited Edits and Downloads: As its cv builder section is 100% free, you can create and download resume as PDF file countless times. You just have to create a free account to do that.


Flowcv- a better and flexible way to build resume.

We will finish up our list of free resume builders with a worthy recommendation, Flowcv. It is a relatively new cv builder website which has been around for almost three years now. You will be glad to know is has no price plans, no subscriptions whatsoever. You can have full access to all the features of the site without paying a dime, it is absolutely free.

With Flowcv you can fully customize your resume. From editing headers to changing fonts, format and styles, you can do it all.

Noteworthy features of Flowcv resume builder:

  • Absolutely free of cost but you can donate them if you life the end result.
  • 50+ quality templates for you to try. You also can make your own design from scratch.
  • Complete flexibility of design and user-friendly options ensuring total customizability.
  • High quality PDF format. Download crisp PDF version of your resume.
  • Fully ATS-Friendly. With FlowCV, you get a PDF that is proven to be readable by an ATS (Applicant Tracking System).


A resume/cv can make or break your deal. It is your first impression that will decide whether you will score the interview or not. So maintaining a professional resume is vital for any job seekers in this regard. If you want to land the job of your dreams then the above mentioned resume/cv maker tools will aid you with all the support.

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