Planning to create a website for your eCommerce business or writing blogs? Do not know where to start from? Then this article is just for you. Building websites has never been easier, thanks to the free drag and drop website builders available today.

So with their help you can build beautiful and amazing websites that serve your purpose.

What are Website Builders?

Website builders are software tools or services that help you create fully functioning websites by dragging and dropping blocks. Therefore It allows anyone and everyone to create their dream pages without needing to know web design technicalities. Above all the actual site creation process is very easy which is the whole fun behind it.

Along with the handy drag and drop site editor, they come with tons of other useful contents too. Ready-to-use templates and themes, addon and widget support, custom domain and hosting, all these amazing tools and more to kick start the website of your dreams with.

Moreover, you will also find integrated SEO tools, analytics, and all that is needed to fit the standards of a modern mobile-ready page.

What do the best drag-and-drop Website Builders offer?

There are so many website builders out there with lots of functionalities and features but what actually makes one better or best?

  • Intuitive usability (easy-to-follow instructions and performance)
  • Ease of design (drag and drop controls, wizards, pre-built templates)
  • A domain name inclusion in addition to hosting.
  • Professional email.
  • Mobile device-readiness.
  • Security options.
  • Optimization for search engines (SEO friendly).
  • Special features (is it commerce-ready?).

So taking the chief criteria above into consideration we selected 3 best drag and drop website builders for you that offers both free and premium options.


Wix- one of best website builders

First on our list of drag and drop website creators we have one of the bests, Wix. It is a remarkable free website builder with tons of features and extensions to make sure you have the best of aids, building your site with ease.

The entire process is very fast and straightforward for everyone to follow without breaking a sweat.

Wix’s most notable features include,

  • Enhanced and flexible site builder – Thrue drag-and-drop design functionality. Literally, You can build the exact design you want.
  • 900+ templates: Hundreds of templates for specific businesses and other purposes.
  • Exceptional app store and blogging: With more than 300 app options, you will to be able to add the exact features you wish, whether that’s pricing tables, maps, image galleries etc. The blog system is simple but still perfectly serviceable.
  • Robust e-commerce app: Wix Stores, a fully featured powerful app with inventory management, tax and shipping calculation, and almost everything you would need for a small or medium online store.
  • Wix SEO Wiz: An SEO tool that uses machine learning to do most of the SEO work for you. It’s free to use.


Free plan: It comes with an assigned URL (, Wix ads, storage and bandwidth up to 500 MB.

Combo plan (for personal use): Starting with $8/month, offers free domain voucher for a year, SSL certificate, 2GB of Bandwidth and 3GB of storage support.

Unlimited plan: Starts from $12/month. Same features as Combo plan plus site booster and visitor analytics app. unlimited bandwidth and 10 GB of storage support.

VIP plan: starting from $24/month. offers all the features of unlimited plan with additional features like professional logo making and social media logo files.

Therefore check out this awesome website maker and start building sites with all the conveniences.


GoDaddy- best website maker for the beginners.

This site builder is aimed at beginners and people who want to build a website quickly and so to go with their domain name purchase. It works great for simple business sites, or as a placeholder while you build a more complex website for future. In other words, the GoDaddy website builder does its job quite perfectly.

It refurbished its offers in recent times and so to the point where it deserves to be recommended in this article. It improved the site builder, the templates, the marketing features and pretty much everything.

Notable features,

  • A super-simple site builder: Just drop some pre-designed content blocks onto your page and go.
  • Edit your site on mobile: GoDaddy app allows you to update your site wherever you are and whatever device you are using.
  • Pre-Built e-commerce tools: With pretty decent online store features you can synchronize your GoDaddy store with Amazon, get text alerts for every sale made, enable product reviews etc.
  • Guided Tools for SEO and Marketing: GoDaddy InsightTM can make a plan for you, if you tell it your business goals. Besides, its Search Engine Visibility tool can actually walk you through the steps of basic SEO.


Free Plan: The free plan includes the very basic features to get your website building experience up and running with a free subdomain and hosting.

Paid Plan: The paid plan starts from Rs 159.20/month ( $2.16/month) including features like SSL certificate, custom domain connection, PayPal button, GoDaddy InSight for SEO etc.

Their web hosting plan starts from Rs 199.00/month economy plan ($2.70/month) with a 3 year term featuring 25 GB for storage and unlimited bandwidth, matching email and domain, 10 databases etc.

So kickstart your website building experience with GoDaddy.


Bubble- simple but powerful website maker

Our last pick Bubble is a remarkable solution that offers entirely codeless process of making a website. In other words, even if you lack web development and design knowledge, you will still succeed at building a site that will awestruck people.

Moreover you have the complete creative freedom to establish the exact web application you desire. Besides, it easily connects with 3rd-party platforms that help you better manage, maintain and optimize your pages and projects.

Key features of bubble includes,

  • Codeless-app builder: Simple drag and drop action support, so create your sites with total ease.
  • Templates and plugins: Access to an abundance of pre-built themes and plugins so you could make the best out of it.
  • 3rd party Platform Support: Connection to 3rd party apps for better maintenance of web pages and projects.
  • SEO Tools: Moreover, optimize pages by setting meta tags, customized URL text and titles and generating site maps etc.
  • Realtime Interaction: With up to 40 collaborators, work on your application in real time.


Free Plan: It comes with the basic server support along with bubble branding, Editor-only password protection, 1 application editor, 0.5 GBs of file storage and community support.

Paid Plan: Starting from $25/month the “Personal” plan features access to live version with custom domain, White labeling, 10 GBs file storage, 24 hours log and email support.

Go Codeless and start making and publishing websites with ease.

Final Words

The article picked best suitable drag and drop website builders for you. So start making your website building dreams come true without any programming knowledge. Make any website you fancy, go through our list and pick the tools that suits your taste.

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