Are you in a rush to update or edit an existing pdf or just combine pdf files? Well, there is no immediate way to do that. You either have to open the pdf files in microsoft word and do the editing or put your contents in there and save them as a pdf file.

So first of all this whole process is time-consuming. Secondly on the other hand, not everyone uses the hefty microsoft office program on their devices. Luckily, if you search online you will find plenty of free tools to get your job done in seconds.

In this article we picked two helpful tools for you to combine pdf online more efficiently and quickly.


Smallpdf- Edit, convert and combine pdf files with ease.

With Smallpdf it is a piece of cake to combine pdf files. Moreover, you can do a lot more than just merging your files. From editing your pdf files to converting them to popular file formats, you can do it all with this free tool. In addition you can also remove owner passwords from PDFs, convert JPG files to PDFs, convert other file formats to PDFs.

Besides, there comes a comprehensive menu with the pdf editor. It allows you to rearrange or delete specific pages while merging pdf files (paid option).

Steps to combine pdf files:

1. Use the drag and drop feature to drag your files from desktop and drop them in this field or just click the “Choose Files” option to select files. The dropdown menu shows options for choosing files from your google drive or dropbox.

Choose files to combine.

2. After choosing and uploading your files they show up like this and from here you can also add more files if you want. On the other hand the page mode will show you each pages of the pdf files you included but this is a paid feature. You can rearrange, delete or add more pages with this feature.

Add more files.

3) Once you have made all of your changes you then just have to click on the “Merge PDF!” button in the bottom right-hand corner.

4) In the next window you can download your newly merged document by clicking on the “DOWNLOAD” button. You also have a share option beside, if you wish to share it with people.

Download the merged file.

By clicking the dropdown menu beside the “DOWNLOAD” button you will see other options to save your files to.

You can save it on your Dropbox account, Google Drive storage or directly to Smallpdf. It is important to note that all uploaded files, as well as the edited versions will be deleted permanently within an hour. Which is why we recommend you to immediately save your edited files.

Therefore, if you want to combine pdf online, Smallpdf is one of the simplest tools to start with.


ILovePDF- combine pdf files in no time.

As the name suggests, ILovePDF is a one-stop shop to almost anything related to editing and modifying PDFs.

Converting PDFs to popular file formats and vice versa, compressing and repairing your PDFs, adding watermarks, protecting PDFs, rotating pages of the documents and a lot more features available for making your life easier editing PDF files.

Steps to merge pdf files:

1) To get started, click the “Select PDF file” button to upload files from your device or just simply drag and drop your files in the box. You also get to upload files from your dropbox and google drive.

Select your pdf files to merge.

2) Thumbnails of your files will be shown like this and from here you can also add more files from your local storage, google drive or dropbox. When you hover your mouse over the files you will see option to rotate the pages before merging.

Add more pdf files.

3) After that you can hit the “Merge PDF” button and your new PDF will be ready to download on your device. You can also save files directly to your google drive or dropbox and share download link with others.

Download the newly combined file.

So check out this awesome tool to merge pdf online in clicks and without any hassle.

Final Words

The tools mentioned above, features all the conveniences to edit, merge and do a lot more with your PDF files. Try them out for a better and fast experience handling PDFs.

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