Found an interesting video on facebook? Want to download and save it but don’t know how to? Then you are in luck today. In this article we will talk about two ways to download facebook videos on pc.

Videos are the main attractions that bring people to facebook. But it is not in the social media giant’s great interests to allow downloading those videos. Moreover, there are private videos posted in private groups. So there is a big privacy concern.

Even though you can save facebook video, but it rather bookmarks it so you can watch it later on facebook.

So can you actually download facebook videos?

The answer is yes, you can. the first way we are about to show, lets you download your desired videos on your computer without any software. But it is a tricky procedure.

Download videos without any tool:

1) Firstly, open your desktop or laptop web browser and go to and start playing the video you wish to download. For this test, we will play a video from a facebook page called In Otter News.

2) Click the video that you want to download. When the clip starts playing, click the three dot button on the right-hand side of the video. Then click on the “copy link” option from the dropdown menu.

Download videos

3) Paste that link into a new browser tab. It may be a “” link. If so, press Enter so it expands and you should be left with something that looks like this.

4) Now replace the “www” from the URL with “mbasic.” and hit Enter.

5) Then you will enter an ugly mobile view, as seen below. Right click on the video and click “Open link in new tab”.

6) The video will open in a new tab like this. Now finally click on the 3 dot menu on the video player and click “Download”. That’s it, the video will be saved to your pc.

download facebook video

Notice: This whole process is time-consuming and the downloaded video quality will be poor. Moreover, you cannot download any private video.

So to solve those problems we have another solution., a popular tool for fb video download online, enabling you to download videos directly. You can download in both in HD and normal quality. It also lets you download private videos.

Download videos with

Follow the instruction for quick fb video download.

1) First, go to and paste the link of your video in the input field. Then click the “Download” button on the right and it will show you options for video resolutions (Normal and HD).

2) Right click on either of the resolution options and click “Save link as…”. After that a window will pop up and from there you can choose your download location and click “Save”. Your video will start downloading immediately.

If you click on “More Options” you will get options for force downloading normal and HD videos.

Pro Tip: If you use chrome and tend to download videos from facebook more often then FDOWN has a google chrome extension for you. Click this link to download the extension.


Follow the instructions mentioned in this article and download all your desired videos from facebook without any hassle. And as always, leave a comment below and share your feedback.

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