Even though Microsoft Word is very popular for creating and working with documents, google docs does not come short in terms of usability and features as a free service. It is a well known document editor and part of the Google G Suite. Many a time, while working on documents, you need to use watermark on your pages for various purposes. Whether it be for personal or commercial use, watermark holds quite an importance and significance. Thanks to Google, they added a new watermark feature in docs. Now it is easily possible to put your desired watermark in google docs with just few clicks.

In this article we will show you guided steps to add watermark in google docs with the newly added feature. Continue reading for more details.

What is a Watermark?

To put it simply, a watermark is a type of mark or sign, embedded or printed in an object to identity its ownership or to authenticate it. Its main purpose is to make it very difficult to copy or use the original work without proper permission. Bank notes, official documents, photos, videos, use of watermark is pretty much everywhere.

Visible watermarks on digital contents are put on top of the digital medium such as images, photos, videos, documents etc. And, if you are working with documents then it is now easier than ever to add watermark in google docs.

Why should you use Watermark?

As we have mentioned earlier, a watermark ensures a content’s (digital and physical) authenticity and includes the owner’s identity. In the digital world, the occurrence of content theft is nothing new. Contents such as images, videos, important documents, writings, without any watermark protection are in risk of being stolen. Unless you share them for free usage, you should always use watermarks.

Moreover, by watermarking you simply sign your contents. Either it could be with your name, logo or web address. Therefore if someone wants to use your contents, they may look it up on Google or visit your website. Thus, watermarks also work as a kind of marketing of your products.

So, considering all of these reasons, it is a good practice to authenticate your digital contents with watermark.

Inserting Watermark in Google Docs

​Whether you want a logo or a transparent image as your document background, you can do so in google docs. With this new feature, you can easily insert any image as a watermark and have it automatically appear on each page of your document.

Follow the steps below to start using watermark in google docs.

Step 1:

First of all, go to docs.google.com from your web browser and sign into the service with your google account. It will then take you to the google docs interface.

Add watermark in google docs
Google Docs

Step 2:

Up next, open up your document that you want to add watermark to. Then click on Insert option from the ribbon on top. A dropdown menu will appear and at the bottom of the list you will see a new option called Watermark. Click on it to initiate adding watermark in google docs.

Watermark in google docs.
Google Docs Watermark

Step 3:

After clicking the Watermark option, a Watermark sidebar will appear on the right side of the document. From there, click on the Select Image option to choose your desired image or logo to use as watermark in google docs.

Watermark sidebar to customize image.
Watermark Sidebar

Step 4:

A popup window will appear. From there, browse and select the image or logo you want to use as a watermark in google docs. You can either choose from your Google Drive or Photos, you can also do an image search, enter a URL, use your camera, or upload an image.

Choose image for watermark.
Choose Image

Step 5:

After selecting the image, it will pop right into your document and also display in the sidebar. From there, you can adjust the image settings.

Preview watermark in google docs.
Watermark Image

Step 6:

After the image is loaded, you can then format the image on the sidebar. There are two option for you to customize.

Format watermark image.
Image Scale

Below your image, you have the Scale option. Click on it and from the drop-down box select a size for how big or small the picture will appear as. You can choose from 50 to 500 percent. But, the default scale is set to 100 percent if you want to leave it as it is.

Faded option for watermark image.
Faded Image

After that, you can check the Faded box if you want the image to appear as transparent. If not, then simply uncheck the box. Finally, click on Done after making your adjustments. Your image watermark will appear in the center of every page in your document.

Change or Remove Watermark in Google Docs

If you want to change the image or remove the watermark completely, it only takes few clicks. Just open the Watermark sidebar once more by clicking on Insert > Watermark from the dropdown menu.

Change watermark image.
Change Watermark Image

For selecting a different image or logo, simply click on the pencil icon on the image in the sidebar as shown above. Then change your image just like how you selected your previous image.

Remove watermark image.
Remove Watermark Image

If you want to delete the watermark completely, then click on the Remove Watermark option at the very bottom of the sidebar.


In this article we showed you detailed steps on how to change watermark in google docs. Whether you want to add your company or brand logo or any other personal sign/mark, you can now do so very easily using the new watermark feature of google docs. And, as always, do not forget to leave a comment below and share your feedbacks.

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